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Sugar Land Home Security - Protecting Your Home

Why choose Sugar Land Home Security to protect your home and family?

After all, Sugar Land, Texas was rated in 2011 as the twenty-first safest city in America by CQ Press. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has named Sugar Land a "City of Respect" for four years in a row. On a scale of 1 to 10, schools in Sugar Land rank at 8 for excellence in the Great Schools City Ranking. You have chosen this community to build your home and raise your family for a reason!

Still, no growing city is immune to the effects of property crime. Neighborhood Scout states that 1,933 cases of property crimes were reported in 2011. Every day on the local news, it seems like no community, no matter how safe, is immune to home burglaries.

Sugar Land Home Security is your local solution to a local problem. We are proud to offer the finest equipment in home security systems and the fastest local response to emergencies with our 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring system.

Sugar Land Home Security for Burglary, Fire and Medical Emergencies

Sugar Land Home Security offers the most affordable, competitive home security system package to our neighbors in Sugar Land:

• Free quotes
• Free installation
• Lower rates than our competitors (and the prices to prove it)
• Trained technicians who specialize in installation
• Integrating your alarm system with your smart phone
• Digital smoke alarm
24-Hour Home Alarm Monitoring Service with a local dispatching office

Digital smoke alarm installation is free when you partner with Sugar Land Home Security. If you are not home when a fire begins, the digital smoke alarm could mean the difference between saving your home or complete disaster. As part of your home security system, the digital smoke alarm will immediately send a signal to Sugar Land Home Security’s 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring service. A trained dispatcher will contact the local fire department, and then contact you about the fire.

Home security systems in Sugar Land are also the quickest way to get quick responses for medical emergencies. When you program the panic buttons on your home alarm monitor, you are actively preparing for emergencies before they happen. In the event of a stroke, heart attack or seizure, you or your family member can initiate a panic button. The signal is sent to the 24-Hour Alarm monitoring service and the dispatcher will contact EMS.

Home security systems are proven to save homes from burglaries and fire emergencies. Why wait until you are a victim? Protect your greatest investment, your home and your family with Sugar Land Home Security.

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